The Jolting Truth; I Was a Masculine Identity and Over the Years Grew a Penis:

The Jolting Truth; I Was a Masculine Identity and Over the Years Grew a Penis:

When your identity is bigger than who you are; illness, unfulfillment, confusion, and unhappiness will manifest. It will create havoc in your relationships, in your emotions, in your health, in your abilities at work, basically in everything you do.

So, what are identities?
They are the different hats that people wear. When you think of your day. You may be a wife, a mother, an employee, a bodybuilder, a friend, etc. These are different identities. Can you name some identities you are in a day?

I have been in the construction industry for over 20 years off and on. I started as a flagger at 25, started several of my own businesses, one being a million-dollar directional drilling business. After selling out of that business I went on to be a site superintendent in residential construction. I was about to start my own development company when life had a different plan for me. Through that different plan I realized a jolting truth.

How many of you women reading this are living in a masculine identity? (comment below)

How many of you protray a masculine energy?

How many of you have grown a penis over the years without even knowing it?

Looking back at my life I realized with no doubt that I had taken on the masculine identity and that identity had taken over and was running everything I did.

  • I was thinking about me and what I could get. I had become so selfish and stubborn.
  • I was successful in business but, not my marriage or family.
  • The only thing I talked to others about was business start-ups.
  • I was a loner with little to no emotions.

I am not talking about men and how men behave, this is strictly about masculine energy. It is about how a masculine identity took over my life and how I was one identity.

I was in my full masculine identity all of the time and for so many years that I didn’t know how to act as anything else. I didn’t know how to be myself or even what that meant. I was abrasive and didn’t listen. I had no other way of being. I was not Alana, I was Masculine.


What are 3 signs an identity is bigger than who you are?

1) You do not ask for help, you do everything on your own even if it is work for 2 persons. You will do it yourself.

2) You do not know emotions or moods except the basic happy, sad, and anger.

3) You feel unfulfilled and unhappy, often. You seem to not be enjoying life anymore and you don’t remember the last time you laughed.


Now that I understand I can play around with identities by trying on different identities through role play. When you can separate yourself from your identities it then becomes playful. We have a lot of identities for example wife, mother, business owner, marathon-runner, dancer, etc. This is also fun to do with the family. You can play this game with your children so they understand about identities and role play different identities. You can role play with your husband. This may even add some spice to your relationship!

Most important to take away from this article is that identities are part of you; they are not you. When you are aligned to who you are and understand that identities are only a part of you, then you are complete. This alignment creates a feeling a fulfillment and happiness, and it may even produce more time for fun!

When you are awakened to truths then things falls into place. You are meant to live free and happy.

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