“Become Your Best You” – Alana Leone

Have you always felt that you were meant for more than the typical 9 to 5? Your answer is ‘Yes,’ correct? Well then, what’s holding you back?


Paving your own path is arduous labour. You’ll want to give up and just conform often. I’ve been there. But, the answer that always comes into my mind is “You can always give up, so why do it now?”


I became a Certified Dream Coach because I would watch the world of dead people walking around aimlessly, stuck in conformity, living each day the same as the last. I knew there were people out there like me. People who want to live ‘outside-the-box.’ So, I decided instead of conforming I would help those that too will not conform.


I  have my Coaching Certificate, NLP Certification, Train the Trainer Certification, Mentor Certification, Mastermind Facilitator Certification, Advanced Coaching, Certified Facilitator, Improv and last was Stand Up Comedy .


If you still have that glimmer of light inside you to build your dreams and transform them into reality, then you are in the right place!


My belief is I can have it all! I want to show you how to create your own journey and guide you in achieving things you never thought possible.

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that does have it all!


My purpose as the Pushy Coach is to wake people to see and take action on their visions and goals.


I work to develop a vision, coach you to take action and help you to push through it.


My mission is to share freedom with the world starting with one person at a time!


Your dreams can be your reality. I am proof of it.


I am living my dream and I want you to join me.


My vision as a coach is to get people to see what is holding them back from their destiny.


My desire is to open people’s minds to their possibilities. Rise above to win freedom.


This work is for all people that want to move a further in their lives.


Either you cannot get off the couch or you are only making $1 million and something is holding you back.